Kin register

If the members of a kin group are sorted in ascending numerical order on their primary KinCode, the resulting sequence shows an interesting pattern. The first individual will be the proband (primary KinCode = 1), followed by the proband's own descendants, generation by generation (see table 4). The descendants are followed by the proband's father and his descendants, one generation after the other. This set is followed by the mother and any descendants she may have by a mate other than the proband's father. This pattern continues through the generations of ancestors and their descendants for all members of the kin group.

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The Kin register sequence of individuals resembles very much  relationship patterns expressed in ancient laws for inheriting property and titles.

When an individual (the proband) dies, the children are the prime heirs.

If those children are dead, their descendants, one generation after the other, will inherit.

If all descendants of the proband are extinct, the proband's parents and their descendants are next in the line of inheritance.

If they are deceased too, the proband's grandparents and their descendants come next in the line - and so on until a proper heir is found.