A numeric Notation of Relationship

  • The foundation of all Sciences are notations that enable Scientists to document research results in ways that allows other Scientists to confirm or dispute their findings.

  • Blood relationship between individuals is a prime element of the Genetics and Genealogical Sciences.

  • The Knot System, as defined here, is probably the only notation which scientifically correct will document any blood relationship between two individuals independent of the complexity, and generation depth.

The Knot System:
  • Is a numerical notation that defines consanguinity (blood relationship).

  • Describes any kind of kinship, simple or complex, which is based on bisexual reproduction.

  • Is exact. Thus, scientifically correct additive relationships - and, by extension, inbreeding coefficients for offspring - can be calculated directly.

  • Offers a new, structured way of imagining and visualising relationships in the human mind as well as a more precise means of documenting these on paper and in computer output.

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A Notation is a concrete, symbolic encoding of information, such as numbers, words, names and symbols.

Good notations help researchers imagine, visualize and measure properties of the elements and processes they are investigating.

They provide vehicles for communication which allows information to be passed on in uniform, correct and commonly understood fashions.

Author / inventor:

Knud Højrup
Godthåbsvej 14, Astrup
DK-9800 Hjørring


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Knot System
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March 21st, 2015