A Notation or Representation is a concrete, symbolic encoding of information, such as numbers, words, names and symbols.

Good notations help researchers imagine, visualize and measure properties of the elements and processes they are investigating.

They provide vehicles for communication which allows information to be passed on in uniform, correct and commonly understood fashions.

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Notations for numeric values:

Multiplication and division present major difficulties in the Roman notation.

The system is so inflexible that a common topic for doctoral research in the early European universities concerned algorithms for multiplication and division using Roman numerals.

Despite these drawbacks, Roman numerals remained the predominant means of representing quantities in European culture well into the 14th century.

Can one imagine advanced scientific calculations using Roman notation?

Notation of chemical compounds:

Can one imagine modern chemical scientific research without this internationally recognized notation?

Several hundred years passed before European Scientists were convinced of the efficiency of the Hindu-Arabic decimal numeric notation.

How many years will pass before a relationship notation is considered mandatory in advanced genetic and genealogical research?

Knud Højrup
July 1, 1998

Notation of relationship:

Can one imagine genetic and genealogical research performed without a notation of relationship?