A Knot System Kin Group

Knot System Applications

A scientifically correct notation for all kinds of bisexual relationships has not existed before. It is therefore difficult to predict all the applications the Knot System may have, but some are already obvious.

  • Offers a modular way to document every known biological relation between two individuals, thereby making it easy to verify that newly encountered relations are not already known.

  • Facilitates an exchange of research results. It is now possible to describe exactly the relationship between two individuals without the need to carry information on the individuals constituting the relationship.

  • Exploits computer capabilities more fully. Because computers can process very large kin groups, it is now possible to have them calculate and present very complex relationships in a humanly comprehensible form.

  • If several individuals in a kin group show any interesting trait or disease, visual analysis of their KinCodes might reveal the ancestors from whom the phenomenon could have been inherited, a valuable genetic research tool.

  • Makes it easy, also visually, to identify KinCode elements that specify pure male or pure female basic relations to the proband. A property especially valuable for geneticists.

  • Can be used to make Kin registers, in which individuals within a kin group are organized by their closest relationship to the proband.

  • Is very suitable for teaching simple and complex relationships, because of its clear definitions and its structured, modular design.

  • May be used as a catalyst for translation of verbal relationships from one language to another.