A Knot System Kin Group

The Knot System, a Consanguinity Notation

The Knot System . . .

... is a numerical notation that defines consanguinity also called blood relationship based om bisexual procreation.

... can describe and document any kind of biological relationship, simple as well as very complex, in a modular and structured way.

... is exact. Thus, scientifically correct relationship coefficients - and, by extension, inbreeding coefficients for offspring - may be calculated directly from the notation.

... offers a structured way of imagining and visualising relationships in the human mind as well as precise means of documenting these on paper and in computer output.

Why a notation of consanguinity?

The foundation of all Sciences are notations that enable Scientists to document research results in ways that allows other Scientists to verify or dispute their findings.

Blood relationship between individuals is the prime element of the Genetics and Genealogical Sciences.

The Knot System as defined here is probably the only notation which scientifically correct will document any blood relationship between two individuals independent of the complexity and generation depth.

Homepage history

The present homepage is an April 2015 update of the original Knot System homepage which has been available on the Internet almost unchanged since 1998. Shortly after publishing it became one of the primary references in most Wikipedia pages' definition of Consanguinity.

The original Knot System homepage from 1998 until March 2015 is available here.

The history of The Knot System relationship notation itself may be read here.